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Friday, March 24, 2006


Apparently a wind generator makes enough energy to power 250 homes. I was just imagining if every little village parish council voted to have just one on their nearest hillside the cumulative effect could be quite significant. Why not?

I really liked the Clinton speech on the environment I just watched at the BBC website

Two thirds down the above page is a picture of Clinton and a Watch the video link


Blogger donnalu said...

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1:14 am  
Blogger donnalu said...

I just listened to two of your songs on yourspace site. very beautiful. Thanks for posting.

1:17 am  
Blogger donnalu said...

Well hello! How nice of you. Tried to email you in return, but it was sent back to me. I really do like your music, I'm looking at a globe right now at Thunder Bay, and at my calendar to see if I can make it up there in July.
Take care,

2:31 am  
Blogger David Knopfler said...

HI Donnalu - thanks for that - Usually david@knopfler.com is pretty reliable - and if I could remember my password for this site I could post this too !

6:26 pm  
Anonymous Lize said...

Hi David,

Just found your blogspot ^^

It's a bit late but I just had to make a comment on this.

Your idea is great, but the problem is really mankind. They (especially those in power) do not always want what is best, but what is most profitable. I don't really really know the difference in profits between wind energy and the normal energy sources. But if they could make more profit with the windmills, they'd probably put them everywhere.

There is this artist I know, Hein Mader is his name. He designed a windmill that generates much more energy and is cheaper to make than the windmills we know now. An article about the windmill appeared in the papers ... and than, his windmill (a working one, and the only one) got stolen. And it hasn't been found ever since. Mader is 85 years old and doesn't want to put his last energy in making another one.

I suspect some energy company behind this, that wasn't to happy with the idea that they had to replace all their windmills.

But I really like your idea ...

9:11 pm  

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