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Friday, February 24, 2006

This too shall pass.

In 1997 New Labour on civil rights could have been speaking from Amnesty head office. Kate Allen's sense of betrayal in the piece Kate Allen: How Labour has betrayed the promises it made in 1997 is, I suspect, justified: Jack Straw's recent expressed indifference to the torture inside the US run gulag at Guantanamo Bay, demonstrates the same integrity as Foreign Secretary he displayed as Home Secretary and affable and likeable though Tony Blair can be in a press conference, looking out at the world from inside George Bush's rectum, no wonder the world to him appears upside down. For him to weasel further from his constipated inverted pulpit on issues like torture, must soon be reaching it's epiphany? This too shall pass.

I wonder however if Kate is correct when she says "It is of course true the threat of terrorist attack is far greater" Granted it certainly "appears" to be greater; indeed it "feels" greater but is it?


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